We supply pioneer, one-stop solutions for the entire power generation, petro-chemical and utility industry. Applying plastocor® solutions has shown to result in enormous economic savings in operational costs due to reduced fouling, leakages, tube-to-tube-sheet joint cracks and step-erosion.

Condenser Solutions

The original plastocor® technology means protection, repair, refurbishment and prevention of erosion and corrosion. Durable, state of the art life-extension.


Cooling Water Solutions

plastocor® high performance coating systems are suitable for use in the entire cooling water cycle, tanks, circulation water lines, etc. Reliable, environmental-friendly protection.


Wind Tower Solutions

Plastocor® self-applicable coating solutions for on- and off-shore wind towers sustainably are UV resistant, isophobic and protect against corrosion. Ultimate abrasion and corrosion resistance.



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« plastocor products have been found to provide excellent long term protection against corrosion and erosion »
Mattew Knox ,
P. Hornet, EDF
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